Suddenly 1st birthday!

The FatCloth web shop was set up in the summer of 2012 and already we’re celebrating our first year in business together with our fans & customers. The raffle is on – it is on! Remember to try your luck in our sweepstakes and win a 12-Pack of FatCloths!

A lot has happened even after the last blog post. New patterns have been introduced one featuring our national hero Stig, special custom series produced for JemmaHKI (and sold out in record time), website went through it’s first design upgrade and the fan base in Facebook has reached the impressive 2000 mark. We even drove to Lapland for some extreme product testing – guess which new pattern is being battered in the picture below. What next?

No better time to notch up a gear and tap the old forehead dry from summer’s dew. We hope to extend our choice of patterns before the calendar year is done, maybe even bring out something totally new to spice up our offering. Movember is looming again and this year our team has even bigger reason to be involved in the supportive efforts  towards beating cancer for good. Let’s see whether our FatCloth Mo will get a fresh new color for the season as well.

If you have ideas, questions or pictures – please share them on our Facebook wall or messagebox and we just might reward you with discounts, products or gimmicks! Summer ain’t over yet. Remember to keep your FatCloth available at all times – you never know when things might heat up again!


Team FatCloth


*New product testing at the "Great Wall of China" up north.


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