How to use a FatCloth

Being one of the founders of FatCloth I have had the privilege of taking part in the brand’s concept creation process. Bringing back functionality to a product currently used as a decorative accessory has been the guiding direction in our product development since the beginning.

So far most of our products have been bought for the sole purpose of pocket squares and I myself have a selection just for that purpose. Having a choice of unique patterns distinguishes FatCloth from the pocket square selection otherwise available. Cotton and silk squares have undoubtedly their traditional fabric derived benefits - for some devoted users these materials are the only choice for true pocket squares. I can easily relate to those views as some of us favor classic wooden sailboats over more modern materials and some feel that single malt is the only whisky worth the name.

However, I represent another school of thought on the matter of clothing. I hardly ever wear a tie (apart from formal occasions), for the function of the piece does not make enough sense to me. Of course, the history behind the garment is long and the general acceptance of the society has been gradually gained. Still, the product lacks concrete function, important to me. If one was to introduce new benefits to the concept – scarf-like neck warming features, extra pocket for credit card or coins (available already) or something else – I could rethink my perspective towards the tie once again.

With FatCloths I have re-discovered the pocket square decorative function in clothing, but also much more. The pieces used often and washed several times eventually get the inevitable patina of time. However, these pieces have found another life for them in my other pockets. I have used worn FatCloths on hot days playing golf for tapping off sweat, wiped my goggles on a snowmobile trip, wiped fingerprints and dirt off Iphones, sunglasses, TV screens, chart plotters etc.

Personally I haven’t yet had the privilege to hand a FatCloth to a lady in distress, but I have been genuinely surprised how many times the little square piece of microfiber cloth has made itself useful. Many times I have hoped to have one available after forgetting to take one with me. Nowadays when we are not accustomed to carrying handkerchiefs in our pockets anymore, a mere little fishing line cut in a finger can prove surprisingly hard to tackle if the only fabric you carry are the clothes you wear and the only paper you possess is your fishing permit and a few bills in the wallet.

FatCloth is made for use. Use it as you choose.


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