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FatCloth Winter Collection

The first FatYear is behind us now and it’s a natural time to reflect upon what has been done and perhaps also ponder what should be done in the future. All in all 18 different FatCloths were introduced. Each product found their customers, but the absolute favourite was Musashi. Both colors ran out of stock, but luckily only for a short while.

Four distributors, two in Helsinki and two in Turku welcomed FatCloth with positive response from our customers adding to further out of stocks. Some of our patterns were seen on Finnish national TV and on some influential people a couple of times. We were nominated for the Nordic Startup Awards and voted the People’s Choice category Winner by you – our fans. We were surprised and truly taken by all the support we got. Thank you once more!

Now 2013… this will be a fun year. We hope to fill the gaps we have in our current selection of colors and patterns by introducing new FatCloths like the Earl Ink just launched few days ago. We have already received a few tips and suggestions for new product ideas, but we hope to receive more of your feedback and input on what you would like to see in our offering. More classic colors like maroon perhaps, or more contemporary patterns like Tenoch? Please tell us – we just might reward the best ideas with freebies from our collection! During 2013 we aim to expand our distribution as well, so if you know a place you think FatCloth should be available in, please tip us (or them) out.

Have a great year 2013 and remember to check out our store once in a while as we keep on introducing new interesting stuff throughout this year as well!

Yours Truly,

Team FatCloth

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