FatCloth is conquering the world!

After the first two weeks of expanding fan base and increasing shipping volumes, our logistics department has been trying to keep up with all your much welcomed orders. So far we have delivered to Germany, Portugal, Sweden, the U.S. and of course to our home country Finland! Some of the most popular patterns are already running low on stock. We hope that you have been satisfied with the delivery times and with the quality of products.

FatCloth has already been spotted in N.Y., Honduras, Croatia, on the sea and in the rivers around Finland - check out our Instagram feed on the webshop and share your own pictures. Our loved mustache man Vincent is known of his generosity and he has an eye for beauty. So every now and then he might feel the need to reward the best pics with FatCloth products.

In the weeks to come Vincent will be designing new patterns and might need your help in choosing the right colors, so please check out our Facebook page once in a while to see what's cooking and share your thoughts on which patterns, styles or usage situations fit your lifestyle. Please give us straightforward feedback whether positive or negative - we appreciate your view immensely.

Keep on spreading the FatCloth message globally - there are gentlemen in peril all over the world!

Wear with confidence.

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