FatCloth nominated for Nordic Startup Awards!

Nordic Startup AwardsDear friend, now we need your help more than ever! Vincent has gone and signed us up for a start-up competition without letting us know about it. In the competition we are facing brilliant Nordic software developers and their kickass apps with our simple piece of patterned fabric.

If you like us and what we do please help us by reminding the Nordic start-up scene that there is still room for the simple product innovations. Tangible products that you can hold in your hand, or why the hell not use for tapping sweaty forehead, or offer to a grieving lady in a time of need.

Even today every innovation or successful launch doesn’t have to be a complex piece of code or a technical gadget capable of changing the world as we see it or how people communicate. We hope that our pocket squares with unique patterns spiced up with personalized stories and the multipurpose functionality all wrapped up in a neat little cardboard box is enough to meet your highest expectations.

If you feel that we are doing something worthwhile of recognition, we ask you to join us and to vote us for the Nordic startup of the year! And while at it, ask your friends and family to do the same thing.

Thank you friend,

FatCloth staff & Vincent

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