Polish your Balls

With the new FatCloth Duncan



Perfect gift for the true fan!

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FatCloth x Kelloharrastajat

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Fat Gentleman

The ultimate square for a fisherman

Go fish!

It's more than
a pocket square.

Engineered from the finest microfibers

It's gentle enough for any wiping purposes.

The perfect tool for a modern gentleman

You'll soon wonder how you managed without one.

Reasons to carry a FatCloth

It's a kickass pocket square

It keeps your glasses and gadgets shiny

It saves you once you hit a tough spot

You never know when a lady needs one

It works as a basic hanky

Our best selling squares

  • Moomin Carousel <br> Pocket Square

    Moomin Carousel
    Pocket Square

    €39.00 EUR
    A multipurpose pocket square in red and pink. FatCloth for Moomin - Carousel. The exquisite illustration of this pocket square is based on Tove's original... View Details
  • Moomin Lighthouse <br> Pocket Square

    Moomin Lighthouse
    Pocket Square

    €39.00 EUR
    A multipurpose pocket square in yellow, blue and teal. FatCloth for Moomin - Lighthouse. The original black & white graphics used... View Details
  • Esko <br> Pocket Square

    Pocket Square

    €39.00 EUR

    Pocket Square

    €39.00 EUR
    A space themed multipurpose pocket square design in yellow to blue gradient. FatCloth Esko with its dreamlike nightly sky view actually... View Details
  • Duncan <br> Pocket Square

    Pocket Square

    €29.00 EUR

    Pocket Square

    €29.00 EUR
    A multipurpose pocket square with grey & white golfball drop pattern. The history of golf is a subject much debated.... View Details

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