Designing Vincent 2.0

I have always liked visual arts. Liked to scribble and sketch as a kid and did all the optional art courses in high school but did not really have much talent for the sport. Just liked it. And still do. Luckily I’m now in a position where I can be involved in creating visual art with people a lot skilled than myself. 

My friend and colleague Antti designed the FatCloth logo starring Vincent, our beloved protagonist a few years back. It’s awesome – isn’t it? Since then we have been blowing life to the character by means of communication and graphics. This year we decided to take the visual Vincent a notch forwards by sourcing graphic skills outside our internal team. The process was fun and the outcome even better than expected. Just look at Vincent having a stroke in the version second to right.


Working with talented people on expanding our visual identity has encouraged us to go even further. This year we kick off a project with visiting designers making custom pattern collections. Our aim is to find a way to promote both FatCloth and the designers leveraging both parties in gaining more international visibility.  After all – what format is better for a visual artist to express him/herself than a blank canvas that is behind every FatCloth? 

Stay tuned for more news on our upcoming FatDesign projects.

Have a good one!


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