What's the deal with FatCloth designs?

A valid question that might interest you. What’s the story behind the style; who creates the patterns, how we decide which ones to launch and where do we find the inspiration for the new designs? More interesting questions. We’ll let me try to shed some light into the process.

First, all our patterns are unique – none are copied directly from an existing template. Some might look really familiar, but there's always some tweak in it that you can find by studying the pattern carefully. For example all our in-house designs feature the ”drop” in one way or the other. Visiting designers have a freedom of expression and we do not require them to implement the signature drop. Also designs created for companies, special occasions or otherwise customized do not necessary feature the drop.

Ok enough about the drop. We are constantly looking for ideas for new patterns – our current selection covers some classics, such as the polka dot Earl, pinstripe Bernie or the paisley Ludwig, but also some more ”on the trend” material such as Tenoch, a remake of native American inspired patterns. We try our best to create timeless designs so that our users would not need to set aside their beloved FatCloths due to them getting awkwardly unfashionable. That’s perhaps the reason why we don’t try that hard to follow what’s hot just now. As the saying goes “If you follow the trend – you’re behind it”.

However this does not mean, that we only keep growing our collection. So far we have already discontinued a couple of designs/colors. So, if you own one of those babies that cannot be found from our store – you have something unique that won’t be coming back. Some of the designs will be limited edition only and the sizes of production batch will vary, so if you like something – don’t hesitate to order it. It might run out the next day never to be sold again (except in Ebay with a ridiculous price tag).

Ok, I did not really address the questions in the beginning, but does it really matter as long as we keep coming up with the stuff we do? My question to you is – do we miss a pattern or color combo that you think would be worth designing? Throw us a hint at info@thefatcloth.com or facebook.com/fatcloth and we just might make it happen. 

 Have a colorful fall!


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