A surprisingly multifunctional tool

As time has passed and our loyal client base grown, more and more FatCloths have been sold, tried and tested out. It’s really interesting to talk to the people using our products and get the first hand feedback; what they like, what would they recommend we improve and what products from us they would like to see in the future. Personally I get the biggest kicks when I hear the stories about how our fans have been using their FatCloths so far. Imagination seems to be the only limit.

One such function has been the “conversation opener”. Last year another Helsinki based start-up Unmonday found itself a new development manager from thegroenforsmethod because of shared interest in FatCloths. I too have personal experience on how easy it is to break the ice with new acquaintances by telling a story about the FatCloth in my pocket. Try that out next time you go into a job interview.

It’s a pocket square, yes, but it is a very functional tool as well in the gadget-infested world of today. A couple of days ago I was playing with the time lapse function using a DSLR, Iphone and a GoPro on the wintery shores of Helsinki. -10 Celsius and vapor rising from the semi-frozen sea gave some nice views to admire but also employed my Stanley Violet a couple of times for wiping out the lenses of these gadgets. It’s surprising how many delicate surfaces we carry around with us these days from smartphones to eyeglasses. So, I encourage you – use the FatCloths you have and share the stories. Feedback is the best inspiration we can get for our future product innovations.  


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