How about designing a FatCloth of your own?

Like the designs, but know that you could make them just that much better? Love a pattern but don’t find it the color you dig? Don’t worry – there’s a solution for you. Get your company to order a batch for customer presents or giveaways and skim a couple off the pile. Or just order a limited edition series for yourself & friends for a sport competition prize or to sell for the most loyal hard-core fans.

This year our custom FatCloths have been present at the coolest barber shop in Finland (or probably in the world) JemmaHKI as limited, serial numbered edition. Sold out in a few weeks. Special company patterns have been made (by us or by the graphic geniuses provided by the companies) for numerous leading businesses, such as Casino Helsinki, Houston Inc. and Futurice to mention a few. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve managed to score one of these rare FatCloths. They truly are limited edition and not available at our store. Interested, want to know more? Contact us via the Custom Pocket Squares section on the site. 

Could you create a pattern this cool? The artists at Houston Inc. sure did.

Remember that December is right around the corner – be quick and order your Xmas presents now. You never know, some patterns just might be running out of stock soon.





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