Looking for the best way to keep your iPhone's screen clean & tidy or a handy cloth to wipe your glasses on the go? Look no further. The original FatCloth is made of high quality microfibre fabric that is perfect for wiping and cleaning smartphone screens & other delicate gadgets such as camera lenses or sunglasses. No matter how much fingerprints, grease or other whatnot your iPhone's screen has collected, just wipe it quickly with a clean FatCloth and puff – the grease is gone!

The microfiber cloth we use for FatCloths is smooth and silky, but absorbs moisture and removes grease surprisingly well. FatCloth also works as a great looking pocket square - so there is no need to hide it in your bag.

Word of warning from Vincent! Please make sure that the FatCloth and the surface you are wiping do not contain sand, metal particles, acid, magma or other harmful materials that might cause abrasion or other nasty outcomes. So don't store sand where you store your gadgets & FatCloths!

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