Wondering how to fold your pocket square or how you're supposed to wear that handkerchief? Well - you’ve come to the right place for some quick instructions. Let us show you some basic styles to begin with. The one above is called "the puff fold". It's very common and the one Vincent prefers himself. Fast, easy and works well with just about any design. If you need to pull it out once in a while for a quick brush-up, then it's probably the most convenient universal fold choice for you too.  

There are plenty of different folding styles created by dandy connoisseurs in the past, but you should't worry about them too much if folding cloth is not your favourite past time activity. Choose one and make it your signature look or learn a couple that you like and you'll fit in to any situation. For the most formal of occasions, white square with a flat "TV fold" is the safe bet. If you prefer patterned FatCloths over the traditional single coloured cotton, linen & silk squares - then you probably like to bend a few rules now and then. So far no one has been thrown to jail for braking the pocket square etiquette - as far as we've heard anyways.    

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Vincent’s Favourite Pocket Square Folds