Wondering how to fold your pocket square? Well - you’ve come to the right place for some quick instructions. Let us show you some basic styles to begin with. The one above is called "The Puff". It's very common and the one Vincent prefers himself. Fast, easy and works well with just about any design. If you need to pull it out once in a while for a quick brush-up, then it's probably the most convenient universal fold choice for you too.

There are plenty of different folding styles created by dandy connoisseurs, but you should't worry about them too much if folding cloth is not your favourite past time activity. Choose one and make it your signature look or learn a couple that you like and you'll fit in to any situation.

For the most formal of occasions, white square with a flat "TV fold" is the safe bet. If you prefer patterned FatCloths over the traditional single coloured silk squares - then you probably like to bend a few rules now and then. So far no one has been thrown to jail for braking the pocket square etiquette.

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How to fold

the conservative

The Conservative, The Flat fold, TV fold or the Presidential fold - they all refer to the same classic fold. This one using FatCloth Bernie White is for the occasions where you want to play it nice and discreet. On the stiffest formal occasions we'd even recommend you to wear a plain white cotton square on sight but to carry a FatCloth in another pocket for all the other reasons. Here's how to fold it.

How fo fold a pocket square flat fold
How to fold a pocket square puff fold

How to fold

The Puff

The Puff fold is by far the easiest and fastest pocket square folding style around. It's also Vincent's favourite fold because each time it gives a slightly different outcome. The relaxed technique is very handy if you use your FatCloth for multiple purposes. Placing it back after wiping your glasses only takes a couple of seconds and you are once more ready to represent in style. Here's how to do it with FatCloth Ludwig Petrol. Pro tip, you can also reverse the puff leaving the flaps up for a more messy effect.

how to fold

The Pope

The Pope, also called the "winged puff fold" is another quick and stylish way to fold a pocket square. The outcome is close to the one point fold but without the frames and with a bit of that eye catching origami style 3D effect. It's a bit like the pope's hat peeking out from your suit pocket - how serene is that? Here's how Vincent handles the job using FatCloth Butrus Orange.

How to fold a pocket square pope fold
How to fold a pocket square triangle fold

How to fold

The Triangle

The Triangle or "one point fold" is one of the most common ways to fold a pocket square. With this technique you can display for example FatCloth Charles Pink's frame colour and stitch detailing that stays hidden in many other fold types. This fold is quite obvious and can be done using a couple of different methods. After all it's just a corner sticking out of your pocket. Here's one easy example how to do it.

vincent's pro tip

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