A custom FatCloth is the perfect gift for promoting your brand or complementing the organization's uniform look at an event. It's an unique giveaway to your customers, a coveted prize at golf competition and a truly useful gift to your stakeholders. The multipurpose FatCloth can be used in many ways.

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We at FatCloth have provided many companies and organisations customised products since we started manufacturing our multipurpose pocket squares back in 2012. We'd love to help you create the perfect square for your needs as well.

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It's easy – we can use your existing visuals, paint one of our FatCloth Originals designs with your brand colors, use your logo elements to create a pattern fit for your brand or help you find a designer if you need something a bit more special for the occasion.

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Asking costs nothing. Fill the contact form below or drop us an email at sales@thefatcloth.com and we'll send you a detailed information package covering most of the topics you'll have in your mind. If you decide to order some, then it depends on the amount and customization options chosen. The smallest custom batch is 50 pcs and it usually takes 4 - 8 weeks from approved design to delivery.

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