Vincent's Frequently Asked Questions

We at FatCloth are well aware that most FAQ's on the internet contain a set of questions that are rarely frequently asked and answers that are mostly useless. So we have waited more than a decade to set up this page. During these years we have faced a few actual questions that have been asked more than once. In case you always wanted to know something but were too shy or lazy to ask via our communications channels, here are a few Q & A's. And yes, SEO is one of the reasons why we have set up this FAQ page after all. Please free to contact us if you have more questions – maybe we'll even add them here later on. 

Why is there a triangular pocket on the flip side corner of all FatCloth squares?

A fair and just question. The "signature pocket" has been with us from the first sample mockups created in 2011. It was originally designed as a place where we could label the identifier of the cloth. As all our squares have a name and a story to match, this name is printed on the corner for our CEO and others that keep forgetting names. And we also use that place for our custom FatCloth collaboration company logos. In addition it works great as a thumb-hold when cleaning one's glasses and can be used for hanging the cloth to dry on a peg for example.

Can I order individual custom pocket squares from FatCloth?

No, unfortunately we don't do manufacturing or customisations on-site and therefore our custom squares require a minimum batch size of 50 pcs to be commercially viable. 

Can I track my order?

Well, if you have chosen the free shipping option (that is for some reason the most common choice) you can't. And we can't either as the products are sent as "letters" wrapped in envelopes among other mail. To date, our local Postal Services have not provided tracking for international mail. If you wish to track your parcel, you may choose the trackable parcel option from the shipping options. That is unfortunately a bit more costly unless you are willing to purchase products with a sum that includes free shipping as well (around 140 € depending on the country).

I’m in Helsinki and in a hurry – can I pick up my order?

Yes you can. Contact us via the chat on this store or send us an email to and we will instruct you how. You can also type a message “Pick up please!” in your cart before proceeding to checkout so that we can ready the order for you accordingly. Our warehouse is situated in Lauttasaari, Itälahdenkatu 20 A 4th floor and open 11 - 16 during weekdays.

Where can I find a retailer that sells your products so I can see them IRL?

Please tell us if you manage to find one. We are very interested in those too. To be honest, we have focused our limited time and resources on ecommerce lately and our dear brick & mortar retailer network has been neglected for quite some time. We feel bad about it and sometimes Vincent wakes up in the middle of the night to think about all the lost opportunities. If you want to help us expand our network, please let your favourite retailers know about us or us about them. You can contact us here or by sending email to 

Why does my pocket square keep falling inside my jacket pocket?

Yes, this is a common issue with people wearing looser fitting pockets. As our squares are made of somewhat heavier fabric than silk or cotton, they do have the tendency to occasionally slide down especially if the inside fabric of one's pocket is slippery. One can combat this problem in a few ways. Our preferred method is to use the genuine FatCloth Pocket Square Holder designed to keep your square in place. You can also try special tricks like tucking something under the square to lift it up, but this usually just leaves the pocket bulky looking. You may also use a safety pin to attach your square to the jacket (inside preferably) or you can wrap the square around a piece of cardboard for support (like the COA card for example) if you need a quick fix.

Why don't you guys answer when I send you emails about my superior marketing/ecommerce/SEO/logistics/AI/whatnot services?

Well, there are a couple of reasons why. Firstly we get similar offers on a daily basis so much that one could justly call them spam. We have heard the stories of ROI 300% in 2 months or your money back arguments many times already and are not convinced. Our contact information is probably passed on and sold by shady database dealers without consent and if we would answer all the queries, our account could be flagged as active and sold over many times more. Also, it doesn't help your efforts much if your contact attempt comes from Use a legit, professional domain and try to stand out from the crowd with your message, then maybe we might even answer. 

How sustainable is your business?

A very good and timely question indeed. Nowadays sustainability is defined in various ways depending on the person responsible of answering the question. It is a term often used in marketing with varying levels of actual content behind the claim. Textile industry is one of the most CO2 intensive industries in the world with vast amounts of unnecessary waste being produced each day. Can one really claim to be sustainable when one is contributing to the same fashion driven base business? Like the ESG ranking of an oil company – it is an interesting philosophical debate.

Since day one FatCloth has decided not to use marketing claims that are vague and cannot be specified. We design and manufacture quality products that last time and can be reused over and over again. We constantly review and improve our processes to minimize waste, material and energy consumption. We prioritize recycled materials when there is a valid option for them and partner up with companies that are BSCI compliant. We don’t do fast fashion – instead we create products for gentlemen preferring to don style that lasts. You be the judge whether we are sustainable enough to gain your support.

How should I fold my FatCloth?

You may fold it anyway you prefer, but the easiest style by far is the puff fold. That is what we like to use ourselves as it allows one to actually use the square once in a while for something else and then return it to flourish on its designated place. You can find a selection of the most common folding styles here