Aziz Pocket Square

€29.00 EUR

A multipurpose pocket square in black & white Arabic pattern. Mullah Aziz was a farmer and a cleric who lived on the Arabic Peninsula in the 7th century. Often his farm was struck by the sandstorms blowing from the Saharan desert and as often his voice, used for teaching, suffered from inhaling the fine dust that seemed to penetrate every fabric used for protection. By observing the animals around him and studying their biology Aziz discovered that cloth made of finely woven camel hair used as mask blocked most of the harmful particles even during high winds while still allowing the user to breathe through it. This invention is told to be the origin of Arabic scarfs or “kufiya” used around dry & harsh areas all over the world even these days. The FatCloth Aziz finds its influences from this story and the traditional Arabic patterns often picturing ears of grain. And as a bonus – it doesn’t reek of camels!

• Machine wash at 40°C
• Wash with similar colors
• Do not bleach
• Do not tumble dry
• Iron with low temperature if necessary

• Size: 30x30cm
• Fabric: 185 g/m2, silky & smooth microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)
• Rolled hem, decorative stitching on the edge
• Signature corner pocket on backside
• Machine washable (40°C, wash with similar colors)

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