Eeny, meeny, miny, moe – let your perspiration GO!

Finally came the day we’ve been so eagerly waiting for – seven months of sweat, blood, tears and sweat has paid off. Gentlemen, we bring you the FatCloth in its stylish, elegant and relieving form. Nine kick ass patterns prepared to keep you looking fantastic and feeling more confident than the pope at Heaven’s gates.

Let’s rewind a little and see where this all started. In hot summer of 2011 five childhood friends enjoyed the feast in one of their best friend’s wedding. We were changing nervous looks with each other and feeling fairly uncomfortable since the ball room we sat in didn’t have up-to-date aircon. No surprise, in our dark woolen suits we ended up sweating and blushing for a good while thinking whether to sacrifice the ridiculously expensive silk pocket square for tapping the sweat drops off our foreheads, or whether to just suffer trough the day? We chose to suffer, but for the last time - the FatCloth was born!

We created a multipurpose tool for a modern gentleman that one should always carry with him. Still in the 1960’s every man used to carry a handkerchief with him. White collars had silky pocket squares and blue collars had cotton hankies. In modern days, there is no need for ranks or classes by which to dress up – looking smart and feeling confident is every man’s choice.

FatCloth represents two-in-one solution having the looks of the finest silky pocket squares and yet the absorbing power way beyond the traditional cotton. It can be used as an accessory, as a handkerchief, for maintaining sunglasses or gadgets or as a statement for shrugging off situations of discomfort. This machine washable functional piece of fashion is made to be used, whether you’re off to a fancy wedding or a fishing trip – it’s up to you to decide!

We at FatCloth are ridiculously exited to bring to life something old and traditional, but in a form ready to face the requirements of a modern gentleman.

Remember – wear it with confidence!

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