Duncan Pocket Square

€29.00 EUR

A multipurpose pocket square with grey & white golfball drop pattern. The history of golf is a subject much debated. Early versions of games played with sticks and balls can be dated to the 13th century Netherlands and as far as to Song Dynasty China (960 - 1279). However, it is true that the first recorded game featuring the ever important hole was played on Scottish soil.

Mr. Duncan Forbes of The Gentlemen Golfers of Leith (1744) was the person responsible of drafting the club's rules for the annual golf competition. Many of these guidelines are still valid for the gentlemen's sport of today and some have been slightly updated to better fit the contemporary grammar of the game. "If your balls be found anywhere touching one another you are to lift the first ball till you play the last" does in deed sound something more fitting for the bedroom. 

What better tool to have for polishing those dirty balls before putting on the green or tapping some sweat off the old dome on the last tee box? How dashing would it look on 19th hole decorating your winner's club jacket pocket? Even when not donning Duncan, always remember his most important rule: "At holeing you are to play your ball honestly for the hole, and not to play upon your adversary's ball, not lying in your way to the hole." Same rule applies to the deeds of a modern gentleman. 

• Machine wash at 40°C
• Wash with similar colors
• Do not bleach
• Do not tumble dry
• Iron with low temperature if necessary

• Size: 30x30cm
• Fabric: 185 g/m2, silky & smooth microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)
• Rolled hem, decorative stitching on the edge
• Signature corner pocket on backside
• Machine washable (40°C, wash with similar colors)

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