Esko pocket square design features star map of the northern hemisphere with a supernova gradient from metallic blue to goldFatCloth Esko pocket square features a contemporary design with a story to match

Esko Pocket Square

€39.00 EUR
Black and white FatCloth Aziz design is a modern version of the classic arabic theme Timeless FatCloth pocket square Aziz in repetitive black and white kufiya pattern

Aziz Pocket Square

€29.00 EUR
Knut multipurpose pocket-handkerchief by FatCloth depicts imaginary animal print in tones of blue and pale Contemporary blue and white FatCloth Knut pocket square with stylized animal print pattern

Knut Pocket Square

€34.00 EUR
Dotted FatCloth Blinky pocket square adds a trendy touch to the outfitPlayful FatCloth Blinky red and blue pocket square in vibrant dot pattern
Sold out

Blinky Pocket Square

€34.00 EUR
Surprising FatCloth Oula microfiber pocket square features a stylized bird and symbols inspired by explorersAqua and blue FatCloth Oula pocket square – men's fashion accessory with exceptional design

Oula Pocket Square

€39.00 EUR