The FatCloth bases its name on the Finnish word “läskiliina”, which has been used to portray the piece of fabric used by men of significant size to wipe perspiration from their faces in situations that require a quick brush up and a moment to gather one’s thoughts.

In history these large men have held positions of power and had high standards of living. They have been successful and described as the navigators, or visionaries of their time.

As women have sought to avoid awkward moments and embarrassment in the past by carefully maintaining their appearance with makeup and elegance, these men have not feared what others have thought of them. They have battled each event of discomfort only when the situation has required so. And they have done this with style – laughing at the face of their ordeals.

The FatCloth is in the essence of this mindset. Every man faces moments in his life which puts him in a position where he has to decide either to feel self made discomfort and embarrassment or to shrug that feeling off with a confident tap of The FatCloth accompanied by a smile or laugh that other men of confidence can understand and share.

You can only feel embarrassment yourself – and only you can decide not to feel it.

About the company

FatCloth Inc. was founded in 2011 and we are based in Helsinki, Finland.

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